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We offer a range of international services to foreign clients based in Spain and to those abroad with financial or business interests in Spain.


CLF International Services: 

– Personal wealth planning and management advice for foreign nationals and their families wishing to acquire, manage or dispose of property or assets in Spain.
– Inward investment advice for Spanish or foreign companies with international business interests or foreign companies with Spain subsidiaries.


For further information on our international law services, or to arrange a meeting with one of international lawyers please contact us.

Main Services


If you’re looking to buy or sell a house or property in Costa Blanca, you will need the help of a international lawyer with your conveyance – which is the legal transfer of ownership of property from seller to buyer. Both the buyer and the seller require conveyancing services.

(minimum fees: 1.200 euros)


Commercial Law

We can assist with business sales & purchases, leasing, companies, loan agreements & mortgages.

Wills & Estates

Without a will, your family may face unnecessary stress & additional cost. Our international lawyers will ensure you have a will that is legally binding & will do the job you intend it to.

Criminal Law

In it’s most basic form, Criminal Litigation is representing in a Criminal Court of law those accused of committing a crime. The assistance of experienced legal counsel often greatly affects the outcome of cases where criminal litigation charges have been laid.

(minimum fees: 250 euros)




We can assist you when you have an accident in Spain. We will claim the proper compensation and take the legal actions when it is required.

Civil Law

Private contracts and documents, property transactions, private and notary purchase,rental agreements and dealings with the Notary, Property Register and Courts.

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